Ever wonder how accurate those Zillow Zestimates really are? Below you will find real homes sold in Superior last month compared to their Zillow Zestimates. Scroll down to the bottom of the post for more information on the accuracy of Zillow Zestimates.

May 2016 Superior Zillow Zestimates vs. Sold Prices

Single Family Homes

Superior SFH May 2016 Zestimates

Condos and Townhomes

Superior CTH May 2016 Zestimates

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Are Zestimates accurate? 

Zillow is the most popular online real estate information site, with over 70 million unique visitors per month. Zillow provides information on houses that are not on the market as well as active listings of properties for sale.

According to Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff, Zillow Zestimates are “a good starting point” but nationwide Zestimates have a “median error rate” of about +/- 8%. On a $500,000 house, a seller is looking at a $40,000 disparity — which can potentially distort the perceived market value of a listing.

So what’s the takeaway?  When buying and selling, keep in mind that Zestimates are no more than starting points in pricing discussions with the real authorities on local real estate values — experienced agents and appraisers.

If you’re curious about the current value of your home, I can provide you with a comparative market analysis at no cost or obligation. Call Barry Remington at 720.373.9297 or reach me by email atbarry@superiorrealestatenews.com.

Source: LA Times article “Inaccurate Zillow ‘Zestimates’ a source of conflict over home prices”