I am often asked, “Hey Barry, Zillow says my home is worth X. Can that be right?”

Here’s my take on the Zillow Zestimates – Zestimates can be a great tool for homeowners to get a basic idea for the value of their home. However, when pricing a home or making an offer on a prospective home, it is important to understand that Zillow is not able to take into account many important pricing factors that can mean the difference of thousands, even tens of thousands, of dollars. These factors include updates & upgrades, how well the home has been maintained, as well as available inventory vs. buyer interest. Below you can view real sold home prices in Superior vs. their Zestimates to give you an idea for the discrepancies in a Zestimate vs. a home’s true sale value.

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February 2017 Superior Zillow Zestimates vs. Sold Prices

Single Family Homes

Condos and Townhomes

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