5 Staging Tips for Serious Sellers

5 Staging Tips for Serious Sellers

02-0423_Foyer_3TMDE_E_Print(2)Below are a few simple tips that can make the difference between a quick sale and a house that lingers on the market.

Cleaning is a must!

Homes are for living in, but potential buyers may perceive dirt as an indication that your home is not well cared for. Don’t have time for deep cleaning? Hire a cleaning service to give it a thorough once-over. Special attention should be paid to windows and light fixtures–to make the house feel brighter and more cheerful. A quick cleaning before showings can leave a faint smell of furniture polish or cleanser and helps give buyers an impression of cleanliness.

Swap out quirky décor with simple, stylish pieces

You want a buyer to imagine themselves filling the home with their own memories, so limiting personal décor and photos can be helpful. Stashing away eclectic wall art and collectables will create the feeling of space, simplicity and a clean slate.

Create a spacious, clutter-free space

Homes filled with clutter can make rooms feel cramped, small and dark. Take a few minutes to clear piles of mail on the hall table or styling products from the bathroom counter. Select attractive pieces to showcase, like a brightly colored vase or a few coffee table books.

Fresh paint can make all the difference

Paint not only brightens things up but masks old odors, and gives a general feeling of good maintenance and newness. If you can’t paint the whole interior, even a few repainted walls throughout the home will give prospective buyers an impression of freshness.

Bring the light in

Simply turning on a few lamps and opening curtains will make a big difference during a home showing. The house will feel much more inviting to potential buyers.